New owner with some questions

New owner with some questions

Postby Flow32 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:00 am

Hi Everyone !

New owner of a yet to be delivered FSSB R3 lighting.
I have read the manual in order to prepare myself for the arrival of this beautiful mechanical piece.

I will be using it 99% of the time with Falcon BMS, so I guess using the BMS firmware.
Concerning this I have a couple of questions.

First, this passage in the user's manual :
When used with HOTAS Warthog electronics, you can connect both USB cables to the same computer, and choose with your computer, which joystick use. Obviously the user can configure the simulation program, using both, the HOTAS variables and buttons as well as native FSSB R3 variables and buttons, being limited only through the options of the software you are using.

As a rule, the HOTAS could benefit from both, the high quality of data X and Y axes as well as some special modes FSSB R3

This is in the context of using the FSSB R3 with the Warthog electronic board, which I would like to do since I want to use my target script (using the pinky shift in my TARGET combined device).
From what I understand the suggestion is having both joysticks connected : the FSSB R3 directly and the warthog board, and map the axis's in the game.
Is the direct connection of the FSSB R3 "more precise" than going through the Warthog board ? Or is using the warthog's board X and Y axis of the same preciseness ?
Also, will the SMM be usable with this ? (as in, if I select a 2:4 FSC, the warthog board will give the 2:4 output ?)

Next question, concerning this sentence :
As consequence of this implementation, the operation of DX button Pinky has changed, now it sends the pressed status when you release the button if you are not launching the SMM.

I use the pinky shift for a shifted layer, but do not understand how it will work with the above information ?
In order to shift a key (for instance TMS UP), should I do Pinky, release Pinky, TMS UP ? Or hold pinky, TMS up, and release both ?
If the former, then I would use CMS press I guess ? (which is my slap switch right now).

Thank you :)

Looking forward to testing my new toy :)
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Re: New owner with some questions

Postby Shark » Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:36 pm

Hi Flow32.
About the pinky, the special fucntion are only in the RealSimulator Hid device. From the TM point of view, nothing change, only the precision accuracy and long life of the force sensor.
About the analog axles. we send the axle information to the TM board once we adjust to your requeriments.

No matter if you use BMS or other sim, please try also the MJF firmware have some advantages ;-)

Best Regards
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Re: New owner with some questions

Postby Flow32 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:31 am

OK, perfect, thank you.
I will test all this next week. I see the package has been delivered, but I am away for work. Can't wait ! :)
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Re: New owner with some questions

Postby Flow32 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:10 am

So I tested my brand new FSSB R3 yesterday and I am running into some issues.

1 - Very strange behaviour with the Warthog electronic board. This was solved by removing the washer between the USB ground and the screw. I guess the washer is making a bad ground contact as it seems to be painted / treated.

2 - Sometimes when I enter the SMM and set a value (TMS down for instance), the base starts beeping and does not stop until I pull hard or have another beep triggered by the base. This is kind of annoying.

3 - Impossible to upload a new firmware with my computer. Tried multiple USB ports (2 and 3), I am following the guide, disconnecting everything, selecting a firmware, reconnecting. This "reconnect" stops flashing for a while, nothing happens, and it starts flashing again. No new firmware uploaded.
This is with a Windows 10 computer.
Tried launching the program in administrator mode, that did not change anything.
Tried with a Windows 7 laptop and it worked.

Now I am trying to get used to the new feeling, it will take me a while I guess. I hope I'll get the hang of it quickly :)
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Re: New owner with some questions

Postby Flow32 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:11 am

PS : also, I am using this with the angle adapter. I reset the center position, but the stick always oscillates between 0 and 1%. The values just jump around in that small window. Is that to be expected ?
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Re: New owner with some questions

Postby Dragon » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:53 am

Morning, Flow.

Sorry, look like you are getting big issues, and this is not normal.

Please in order to support you as quick as possible, we will take contact with you direct, by email, ok? Once we help you, the issue will be reported to help other owners.

see you in a few minutes ;-)

As quick help.
The W10 problem, is a "bug" in the W10 HID operating system, they have change the order in the HIDs and no body understand how they, do it. but, fortunately can be fixed.
when something dot work in a HID composite device, the first is open the windows control panel, goes to the devices and printers, and there look for you HID device in our case the FSSB R3. open it with right mouse button, and read the name of every joystick, is one of them have the name of COMMS instead the FSSB R3 name, means that windows fail in the HID order routine, and you must remove the device, pressing with the right mouse button over the FSSB R3, and select "remove device" once the R3 is removed, unplug and plug again, and 99% of the times, the W10 do the installation correctly

About the 1% in the center position, yes is absolutely normal, do not worry about ask it, maybe you are the number 15th asking this, I have replay so many times, what is it, and why, if you are in a fighter plane like Falcon this is an advantage, and really you dont need apply BFA, but of course you can do it if you like. Only if you are playing a spacecraft and you use propulsion engines to move your spacecraft, have sense apply a heavy BFA. If you agree we will talk about it by email.
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Re: New owner with some questions

Postby Flow32 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:15 am

Sure thing, lets exchange by email :)

Let me just add this :
Your product is very good ! I’m starting to understand exactly how it works and get a better control of the aircraft. It needs some getting used to, but I am getting there.
Very pleased with my purchase ! A big big upgrade compared to the Warthog for sure.
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