Trim Bias

Trim Bias

Postby Scotty » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:37 pm

I understand the feature already implemented in the stick to re-trim by using the trigger to reset the stick to give an offset or to take account of the stick being placed at an angle

What I would like to see is a variable trim being introduced that could place a bias on the axis inputs but implemented via a hat, so a hat could be held down and this would place a bias on the axis in the direction pushed on the hat.

It would also be useful if the bias could then be reset to zero via pushbutton. I already have a conventional stick which can do this and it's useful for trimming aircraft that do not have a trim on a particular axis, eg: the German Bf-109 and Fw-109 did not have any aileron trim so it makes it tiring to constantly have to apply a counterforce to negate the engine torque constantly dipping the wing
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Re: Trim Bias

Postby Dragon » Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:11 am

Dear Scotty.

The AER firmware have implemented a TRIM - BIAS system. please test it, and let mom know if this is good for you.

Do not afraid if the TMS DMS are actually used to direct control for the Pitch/Roll gain at this time and you loose the DX button associated, only test the TRIM BIAS, and if this is what you need, we will talk about how to implement, just as this feature would be great to fly Hely also.

Thanks and wait your news.
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