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Firmware LCJ.FW.1.00.0

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:07 am
by admin
This is the first release for the Last Chance Joystick firmware.

This firmware is designed to help you, if by any circumstance, you can not use your throttle.
For example, you send it in for repair, you forget at home, you breakdown in a lan party or simply do not want to use it.

When you install the LCJ.FW.B.1.00.0 in your FSSB R3 you add several DX axles to standar FSSB R3 MJF configuration
Please if you like, after upload the firmware in the R3 please open the FSSB R3 Warthog properties in the Game devices in printer and devices.
You will take notice about the next axles and buttons.

As normal in MJF
Axle X and Y
32 buttons
New in LCJ
Axle RY -> Cursor X
Axle RZ -> Cursor Y
Axle MARCAR -> Range
Axle Slider -> Antenna Elevation

Those definition are the normal F16 names, obviously you can use these axles for whatever you like.

For our experience in the test flights is more convenient have the axles directly availables and the Original buttons availables with the assistance of some switch, we have use, as launcher switch, the Paddle.

Now we will see how its work.

Triger1, Triger2, NWS, Weapon Release, Pinky -> As normal.
POV Up and Down -> Cursor Y
POV Left and Right -> Cursor X
DMS Up and Down -> Antenna elevation
DMS Left and Right -> Range
TMS Up -> Throttle Full afterburnet
TMS Right -> Throttle Full Militar Power
TMS DW -> Throttle 90%
TMS Left -> Throttle Iddle
CMS Left and Right -> Rudder
CMS Back -> Rudder centre

When you press Paddle, all the switches work as normal

Of course you can use Special Modes as normall also.

Enjoy the Last Chance Joystick firmware.

Firmware LCJ.FW.1.00.0 picture

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:58 am
by admin
LCJ.FW.1.00.0 axles layout