T.U.S.B.A. TQS R1 and R2 Pat. Pending.
The second life for your F16 Cougar TQS.


T.USB.A is the acronym for Throttle USB Adapter. this special version has been designed for the F16 Cougar TQS, and let you connect your loved TQS to any standar USB socket.

TUSBA use standard HID drivers included in your installed operating system. no matter if x32 or x64, XP W7 or W8. TUSBA will work in all situations.

TUSBA has been designed with state of the art last generation microcomputer and has been adjusted to improve the accuracy and precision of your hardware, giving you a full noise free 12 bit resolution, 4096 steps in all analog variables.

The TUSBA TQS is available in R2 version:



The TUSBA TQS R1 V1.02: The R1 is just what you need, no more no less, allow you connect the TQS to any USB port, and provide conversion for the 5 analog axles and 13 buttons, yes 13 buttons, 3 more than the expected, just as we have include also the center position for Comms, Dogfight and Speed Brakes.
From 2014 Jan 20th, have included the center position multi pole switches disable / enable feature



The TUSBA TQS R2: The R2 with more memory and programm space, is designed with the FSSB R3 soul, be the best for today and for tomorrow. As well as the FSSB R3 is firmware upgradeable, the release specifications for v1.00 firmware are:

8 Analog axles.
   Mouse X
   Mouse Y

16 Buttons
   Standard TQS buttons + 3 center position + 3 spare (in dev for V1.02)
16 Configurable buttons.
   You can link these buttons to any analog variable, and turn it On or Off when the variable achieve the selected value. this let you take actions launched by the analog variables.
 FW 1.04 add dead zones for MX and MY and individual multipole swtches selection




Technical data

TUSBA TQS R1 V1.02 & R2

D-Sub 15HD socket
USB - A male Plug
Plastic sealed cover
14 bits Analog conversion.
Low Pass Filter (Glitch Reject)
5 Analog channel
13 DX Buttons
Center position in multi pole switches disable option
XP, W7, W8, X32 & X64 Versions

Only in R2 Version.

Additional 3 analog channel Idle, Mil, Afterburner
Additional DX Buttons 16 Linked to Analog Var.
Upgradeable firmware


Special Launch Price

Docs, Firmware and Software tools







R1 V1.02 out of production


R2 68,99€ +
 Shipping cost (7.20€ )by Postal Airmail 5-10 days


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This price is only available for home user customers.
For commercial use, price is higher and product is different, commercial customers must take contact with sales department for quotation

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