Cougar throttle / TUSBA issue?

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Cougar throttle / TUSBA issue?

Post by markturner »

Hi, I have just installed my newly modified cougar throttle ( fitted a hall sensor upgrade) and connected using the TUSBA R2.

I calibrated within real simulator HID tool, however, the throttle axis is not correct, it shows idle as max and is at 100% when in idle position. I thought this could be easily fixed by inverting the axis, however, it wont let me check the INV box next to the axis.

Can someone tell me correct procedure to correct this and calibrate the throttle axis and detent positions please?

As I have replaced the hall sensor, may this be something to do with the position of the sensor?


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Re: Cougar throttle / TUSBA issue?

Post by Dragon »

Dear Mark, great to hear you.

In the TUSBA manual, do you have the whole procedure to test if your TUSBA work properly, if after your test the TUSBA work, but connected to your throttle not, is a hardware issue in your throttle.

Additionaly, this is a R3L and Realsimualtor grips forum, so we will delete this post in a few days in order to let it as clear as possible.

All the best Mark for you and all your loved people.

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