Release an F16 Collector's Edition without axis sensors?

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Release an F16 Collector's Edition without axis sensors?

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I was simply wondering if there's any chance that Real Simulator will release a version of its F16 grip with the collector's edition upgrades minus the axis sensors? As I have Real Simulator's force sensing base I have absolutely no need of the integrated axis sensing in the collector's edition grip, however, the other upgrades are certainly appealing. I don't think I'm alone in this boat, as I suspect the vast majority of users will never make use of the axis sensors in the collector's edition grip. Realistically, how many users of this equipment aren't going to connecting it to a sensor base? It would be wonderful if Real Simulator were to release a version of the collector's edition grip sans the axis sensing that was priced somewhere between the price of the standard edition and the collector's edition. I'm tempted to purchase a collector's edition grip, however, it's really difficult for me to justify pulling the trigger when I know I'll be paying for some expensive features that I know I'll never utilize. If I could get a response form Real Simulator I'd be hugely appreciative. Thanks!
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Re: Release an F16 Collector's Edition without axis sensors?

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Dear friends.

The price difference between both versions are mainly related to the finishind and painting. In fact as you can take notice, we have include all the game features in the R3L in order to let you buy the standard version, and get the game features coded for the Collectors Edition inside the R3L.

If some of you, think that the price difference its too high, only for finishing and paintng, its absolutely free, to buy the standar one, dismount it, and do by himself the sanding and painting, few days later of sanding and painting, maybe will think in an opossite way, and will undertand about the Collectors edition its a real bargain.

The Collector`s Edition, its exactly this a collector`s edition, and the Standard version, its just this, a perfect size F16 grip with the real angle, and fully configurable when used with the R3L, and as you can see in the documentation, with most of the collectors edition features included in the R3L.

Thanks a lot for your interest, and I would love show you in hand both grips in order to let you choose the correct one, but.....
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