RS35LTB Documentation.

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RS35LTB Documentation.

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As all of you know the hardware is as good as the software behind it( maybe this is a Spanish phase ;-) ) but hope have sense for you.

So no matter how good the hardware is, if you don't control it in the best way, the software we have write for the RS35LTB is easy and is friendly, but need take a look to the documentation.

We have write the doc in English and was revised for a USA and UK natives, so hope will be easy to understand in English, but would be great if with your help would be possible translate in a correct way to you mother language. this will force to some of you to full read the documentation, and will force you to ask and understand how to get advantage of the features included.

Also will be good for you, in this way when the RS35LTB will arrive to your home, you will be ready to configure it from the first day.

Thanks and all of you interested in help on this matter, let me know.
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Re: RS35LTB Documentation.

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I sent you a PM
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