Ultra Base and F-16 v2 Grip Issues

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Ultra Base and F-16 v2 Grip Issues

Post by Clinton_Adams »

When I have the F-16 v2 grip connected to the Ultra base, what should I expect to have working out of the box without configuring anything? I would expect at least some of the lights on the grip to come on.

Should any of the three lights on the grip be on? When I turn the profile dial on the grip, the RS Tool doesn't change profile numbers. Also, none of the buttons respond in the Windows game controller applet, nor in the RS Tool.

I've reconnected the grip and restarted Windows, but I still don't get any button responses. The X/Y axis of the base however does work.

Any ideas?
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Re: Ultra Base and F-16 v2 Grip Issues

Post by Mako »

Do you have the lights enables in the software?
Excuse the older version.
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