Observations and Suggestions Over the Years

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Observations and Suggestions Over the Years

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I love the FSSB; got my first one in 2011-2012 (think I had the R2 for the Cougar). I do have some observations, suggestions and fixes for various things regarding the FSSB and Real Simulator that I have noted over the years.

Manual and Software:
  • English is clearly meant to be the primary language in the manual and software. However, the manual and software tool tips can be very hard to read and understand due to Real Simulator being based in Spain and English not being the primary language. I get that, I understand it and I am NOT trying to say everyone needs to speak English. Still, English is used as the primary language for the manual and software. If feasible, I would suggest finding a professional translator to translate everything from Spanish to English so that the manual and DEV tool is easier to read and understand.
  • The manual still utilizes screenshots from Windows 7 in it. Whenever I see that sort of dated reference I wonder what other information is out of date. I understand a lot of the same dialogs in Windows 7 are the same in Windows 10. Still, seeing dated information in a manual does not give me the confidence other items are up to date.
  • Within the software itself, some of the tool tips could be a little more helpful for some of the more advanced configuration options. Clarify tool tips; maybe add recommended values for certain ones.
  • Ability to open the manual from within the tool.
  • Change log in the manual.
  • Tying it all up; an overall revamp of the manual in both structure, formatting and language translation. Same goes for the software.
Hardware Fixes/Suggestions:
  • The new Warthog firmware (2018) screwed up the HID tool with button detection. When I have both cords plugged in when leveraging the Warthog chip and FSSB chip, the HID tool detects completely different buttons being pressed. I am unable to use the SMM and any of the shortcuts. This is extremely bothersome.
  • My original 2012 FSSB R3 only beeped when it first powered on and when I would launch SMM and make an adjustment. With my R3 Lighting if I turn sound on, it is also tied to deflection of the stick. I only want to hear beeping when the stick is powered on and when in the SMM, just like my old R3. I've messed with the beep percentages but no matter what deflection still factors in. I didn't have to mess with anything on my old R3. If I am indeed missing something, this ties back into my previous points about translation and clarification.
  • Update the website. The link to the forum is not obvious, the downloads link (on the actual page) almost seems hidden because of such small font.
  • Again, review for translation, grammar and formatting.
  • This is a big one in my opinion; clarify what is new in the R3 Lighting. I think everybody understands the lighting part but other improvements listed such as "improved processor unit" and "two expansion shockets" (I assume typo/grammar issue on that second one). What exactly is improved about the new processor unit in comparison to the original R3? I'd love to know. What are the expansion sockets for? I do not believe I saw this listed anywhere. Maybe create a table with two columns, one for the R3 and one for the R3 Lighting. Then the rows would list each feature and a check box or X can identify what feature is on which devices. This is fairly standard when looking at model comparisons for products on other sites. Ever compare different versions of software such as antivirus suites? Just like that. Bottom line; What do I get with the R3 Lighting over the original R3 and what do those new features mean to me?
  • I mentioned this earlier but it is also an overall; keep a change log for both the manual and firmware.
To sum this all up; these are some observations, suggestions and fixes I have compiled over the years. I love Real Simulator and all the products put out. I recommend Real Simulator at every opportunity because I think the products are top notch. There is always room for improvement though and I thought I would provide some constructive criticism and feedback to maybe help a little. I am under no illusion that all of this, or any of this, can or will be implemented but it's better than not saying something, right?

Hope it helps a bit!
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Re: Observations and Suggestions Over the Years

Post by Dragon »

Hi thanks a lot. we mainly agree with you.

But and is not a joke, we dont understand you really perfect, maybe because this is not our mother languaje ;-), please try to explain your issues like if your would be talking with a non English man, please. just as I would love help you, and improve the firmware in order to satisfy your Hardware Fixes/Suggestions:

Finally, we are a very small comunity about two hundred people in about 6-7 years, maybe just because you say, or maybe any other reason, any case, if some native English with free time, want make the correct English version we will be glad to give him all the credits, and we will publish his/her name. The same for any other people in his own language, French. German Chinesse, Korean...... etc

Thanks again, and wait your explanation.
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