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Re: Availabilty?

Post by Dragon »

Hi Jared.

We always use, the devices and printers menu, as in the documentation, but....

PLease, when you use the Grip with the R3L, please, remove the BLE comms, in order, to dont use at same time, the keyboard in the R3L and the Keyboard in the Grip.

I told you this, because, if for example, in your grip, you assing to the trigger some keystroke in the slot 1 and in the R3L also assign a keystroke in the slot 1 to the trigger, your PC will receive the information from to ways, and finally you will got the key form the R3l and other from the grip, the same with repeaters, shifter, toggle, mouse etc. So please, when you will use the Grip with a gimbal, you are free to do everything what you like, but when you will use the grip in a R3L, please, set the Grip in a basic mode, and siconnect form the BLE, to give all the control to the R3L

Thanks and have a great 2020.
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Re: Availabilty?

Post by RogueSqdn »

I saw that bit in the manual later on and deleted the BT device for now. However, I may decide to use the grip in BT when flying the A-10C on a center-mounted Virpil stick (if I can get it to mount properly with an extension that should arrive later this week).

I haven't flown the Hog in quite a while, but may sometime soon with the new cockpit. Right now, though, I'm pretty happy using the Winwing throttle and don't want to do to much swapping around.

Hopefully you guys come out with your own F-16 standalone throttle!
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