Shifter and Toggle questions and explanations.

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Shifter and Toggle questions and explanations.

Post by Dragon »

Now do you have in the R3L also a Shifter and a Toggle.

IMPORTANT this feature its an in game feature, so please save the instan value in your slots,in order to let the system work properly, I remember you, the instant values are the left column, and saved values in the slot are the right colum

With the shifter, you can choose a button to change directly from the actual slot to any other slot. and comeback to the previous slot when the button associated with shifter will be released
With the Toggle, you change fron the actual slot to any other, and can release teh buttons associated to the toggle, to comeback to the previous slot, you need press again the toggle button.

If while you are in togle, you need move to any other slot, you can use the rotary as normal, and the toggle will be canceled.
Shifter Button, let you choose the associated button for shift
Shifter Slot Number, its the number of the slot where you want move
in the same way Toggle button and Toggle Slot Number have the same meaning.

Cheers and enjoy it
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Re: Shifter and Toggle questions and explanations.

Post by Supmua »

Is there a way to assign a shifter or toggle button to whatever I want? For example, button 56 on the F-16 grip.
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