Incredible customer support!

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Incredible customer support!

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I wanted to spend a moment to tell everyone about my fantastic support experience with RealSimulator. I don’t think I have every seen a company more devoted to their customers.

Several weeks ago I accidentally broke several pins on my F16SGRH connector after it twisted on my Virpil extension. I emailed RealSimulator and the next day they shipped me a new connector for a small fee. When the item arrived I asked how to install the connector. RealSimulator responded several hours later with a how-to video - complete with English subtitles! (
Once I installed the connector, I realized I severed the wires that connected my paddle button to the circuit board. I was embarrassed and frustrated by my stupidity and emailed them asking if I could send my stick to them for repair. I realized that mailing an item from the USA to Madrid is time consuming and expensive but that’s what I get for being careless. RealSimulator responded several hours later with another video ( on how to remove my paddle button so that I could solder the wires back together.

Their videos are awesome and thanks to their quality support I have everything back in perfect working order. I just retired from a career making training videos and I can tell you that video production is time consuming and a lot of work. RealSimulator provided me with not just one but TWO videos with a turnaround time of less than a day. I’m not a high volume customer - just a guy who bought one of their flight sticks. Absolutely incredible!

Sorry to go on gushing but this kind of support should be known by our sim community. Thanks for reading this. - Rob
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