Order of the FSSB SGRH in DCS

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Order of the FSSB SGRH in DCS

Post by Caboose »

I just moved and upon setting up my computer again, it appears that the order of the two duplicate FSSB in DCS has switched. As such, none of my stick bindings work. Short of rebinding all the controls, is there a way to re-order these? Perhaps it’s a windows thing. If not, I will live with it and rebind all my aircraft.
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Re: Order of the FSSB SGRH in DCS

Post by Dragon »

Absolutely its a windows bug or DCS bug, just we never change the installation information to windows,

Any case, as far as the DCS save all the configuration in several files, sure there are a easy way, to rename the old files with the new names DCS will give to the FSSB, once the fiels will be renamed, only need load it in your DCS.

Must be similar to install some of our DCS files in your computer.

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Re: Order of the FSSB SGRH in DCS

Post by Supmua »

Mine does this all the time in DCS when I add or remove peripherals or even switch USB ports. That is why I normally use my own Realsim profile for bindings rather than doing it within DCS. The downside of this is that it is keyboard bind only, rather than DX inputs.
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Re: Order of the FSSB SGRH in DCS

Post by Franco_Dallera »

The Bug is from Windows (some times it change also the CLSID or the device ID and for DCS it is a new peripheral) ...
It is my opinion that the two FSSB joystick it is no more needed in the new SIM like DCS it is only a bore that it impose you two mirror the buttons setup.

it is enougth to LOAD the old profile that it should be in Saved games\config\input\<your plane>\joystick directory (i hope the path it is right ...)
You have to select a cell in the column and then select load profile ...
TAKE CARE if you make any othe change and exit before to load the new empty profile could be saved and you loose all the config i suggest to make a backup every time you change your profiles of the INPUT directory
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